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Nonsurgical Treatments for Body

Age, sun exposure, weight changes, hormone and genetic factors can alter the skin and one’s physique. Small rejuvenation treatments for the skin and body can prevent and treat most of the most common concerns of patients.

At Med 44, we specialize in full face, body, and skin consultations. During your initial consultation, your medical provider will work with you to create a customized treatment plan based on your anatomy and aesthetic goals. Our approach is to provide expert medical aesthetic treatments to keep each patient looking refreshed, natural, and confident.

Understanding Skin and Body Aging

With age the skin experiences reductions in dermal mast cells, fibroblasts and collagen production. These reductions result in a flattening of the junction between the epidermis and dermis. Common skin changes that appear as a result include pigmentation, age spots, discolored blotches, wrinkles, sallowness, roughness, dry skin, and a rough texture. At Med44 we create customized treatment plans to address skin changes associated with aging with the goal of improving the appearance of skin.


Laxity and collagen loss can lead to creepy, sagging skin on the neck. Muscles bands can become more pronounced and make jowling more prominent. For some patients, submental fullness or a double chin leads them to seek treatments for their neck. At Med 44, we offer a comprehensive Face and Body Consultation to determine what neck treatments are right for you.


Patients often seek treatments for the chest and decolletage to address sun damage, pigmentation, redness, sleeper lines, wrinkles or bra fat. At Med 44 we recommended treating the chest, neck and face in unison for the most natural outcomes. We offer a full complement of skin treatments for the chest with minimal downtime.

Arms & Legs

Laxity, pigmentation, sun damage and texture of the skin can over age the appearance of one’s arms and legs. Schedule a Consultation to discover what treatments are right for you to rejuvenate the appearance of your arms and legs.


Thinning skin, sun damage and texture changes can make your hands show your age. In less than a sixty-minute appointment, volume and skin tone of your hands can be treated with minimal downtime. Results can last two plus years making your hands one of your most love features.


Skin laxity above the knee can present with age or weight changes. Stubborn inner knee fat pockets can develop overtime. At Med 44 we offer both fat dissolving and skin rejuvenation services to improve the appearance of your knees.


One of your most popular and signature services is the Sculptra Butt Enhancement to address both volume and laxity. At Med 44, we have perfection combination therapies for posterior skin remodeling to address skin laxity, volume loss, cellulite and stretch marks. With very little downtime and a single treatment or series of treatments, our patients regain confidence in swimsuits and shorts. Schedule a consultation to discover what treatments are right for you.


Cellulite impacts over 80% of females and worsens with age despite exercise and weight management. Treatments for cellulite often require a multi therapy approach to treat dimpling, skin laxity and collagen loss. We offer a full complement of treatments for posterior skin remodeling to address these common concerns.


Stubborn abdominal fat pockets, laxity, wrinkles and stretch marks can hinder one’s self confidence. At Med 44 we offer noninvasive, non-surgical treatments to address these concerns. Schedule a consultation to determine what body treatments are right for you.

Med 44 Vitamin & Wellness Injections

The Med 44 B12 Shot

Vitamin B12 plays an essential role in red blood cell formation, cell metabolism, nerve function and the production of DNA. Supplementing with Vitamin B12 shots once weekly can aide in the process of weight loss, memory issues, fatigue and much more. You will expect to feel more energy throughout the day with an added mental clarity.

The Med 44 Skinny Shot

Vitamin B12 and Methionine, Inositol, and Choline (MIC) is a safe and effective way to increase energy and weight loss. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, this combination vitamin boosts the metabolism to aide in lean muscle formation and fat loss. Vitamin B12 and MIC should be injected twice weekly, or as prescribed by your provider for the most optimal results. You’ll expect to have an increase in natural energy and mental clarity.

The Med 44 Beauty Shot

Glutathione is known as the master antioxidant. This antioxidant is proven to reduce cellular degeneration, reduce chronic inflammation, and support a healthy immune system. Glutathione is best absorbed by the body through an intramuscular injection or intravenous solution as opposed to an oral supplement. When receiving these injections at a minimum of once per week, you will expect to feel more energized, less inflamed, and more rejuvenated following your injections.

Body Areas We Treat

Preparing For Your Body Appointment

While all of our services are non-invasive, non-surgical outpatient treatments, some downtime can be expected.

  • We recommend scheduling one to two weeks prior to any social events.
  • We extensively use minimally invasive micro-cannula injection techniques for comfort, minimal bruising, swelling and downtime.
  • For most treatments, a topical or injectable lidocaine is used along with ice to numb the skin and aid in comfort and recovery.
  • Pro-Nox is available in-office to aid in reducing anxiety while promoting relaxation and comfort during your treatment. Patients are safe to drive 10 minutes post procedure as Pro-Nox is a low dose, short acting blend of nitrous and oxygen.
  • We additionally offer CBD sublingual drops to aid in calmness and comfort during your treatment.
  • Both Topical Arnica and oral Arnica tablets are known to reduce the occurrence of swelling and bruising post treatment.
  • Patients taking blood thinners, daily aspirin, fish oils, turmeric, ginseng, garlic, gingko biloba, and other anti-inflammatory supplements may have a higher incidence of post injection bruising. Do not stop any prescribed blood thinners or anticoagulants without the consult of your primary care provider. We always advise our patients to check with their primary care provider, and any other treating physicians prior to undergoing elective cosmetic and medical aesthetic treatments. Smoking and Alcohol will increase a patient’s chance of bruising.

Over 100 5 Star Google Reviews

Jessica Hipskind
Jessica Hipskind
September 28, 2022.
I was super nervous going in for a Botox consultation as I previously had a bad experience at another facility. Holly and her team are extremely professional, kind and provide great advice that will make you feel good about your decisions (whatever those may be). I highly recommend Holly and look forward to my next appointment!
Haley Brown
Haley Brown
September 27, 2022.
Med 44 is one of the best! I had the pleasure of working with Theo and she truly has the magic touch for natural looking filler. She took the time to pinpoint exactly what I was looking for and was spot on with my final results! I am obsessed!! Theo is extremely talented, as well as being very welcoming and professional. I will definitely be booking again!!
September 21, 2022.
Holly is wonderful! She is an excellent professional who offers best quality product and she has a wonderful personality which makes the experience even more enjoyable. Best esthetician I have been to in years. Highly recommended.
Mollie Zemer
Mollie Zemer
September 20, 2022.
I just finished my first Vivace series with Theo and could not be happier with the results. I’ve noticed such a difference in my overall complexion. Theo is a wealth of knowledge and made me feel so comfortable throughout the process. She’s simply the best!
Randie Parker
Randie Parker
September 7, 2022.
I came to Theo for filler and Botox and I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience! First off, Theo has a great eye for aesthetics. She does a wonderful job at injecting strategically to produce natural, beautiful results. Theo is also very personable and I look forward to my visits with her. She does a great job of explaining where she is injecting and why. During the actual injections themselves, Theo makes it a calm and comfortable experience. She frequently checks in with you while injecting to make sure you’re doing okay. Overall, I’m very happy to have found Theo for all my aesthetic needs!
Paige Luetkemeyer
Paige Luetkemeyer
August 16, 2022.
Highly recommend! Med 44 is extremely knowledgeable. They made me feel comfortable from the start, especially since it was the first time I had ever received botox. Definitely trust Med 44 in my care!
Teresa Wilson
Teresa Wilson
August 5, 2022.
The best in town. Holly is all about long-term skin beauty and is loaded with knowledge. She will guide you on a plan that is perfectly tailored for your specific skin needs.
Laurel Place
Laurel Place
July 28, 2022.
Holly and Theo took amazing care of me. I’ve had the Vivace facial (amazing results after three months, my skin has never been clearer), an IPL facial, and Botox. I’ve had Botox elsewhere before, but I’ve never enjoyed the results as much as I do now! Amazing bedside manner and so kind. Will definitely be back.
Danielle Westfall
Danielle Westfall
July 27, 2022.
Received treatment from theo and it was an incredible experience! The office is clean. Everyone was extremely friendly. They presented several options and consulted with me prior to the treatment to assure our goals aligned. Would definitely recommend and return!
Julie Jones-Russell
Julie Jones-Russell
July 6, 2022.
Holly LISTENS!!!! And she will do exactly what you ask for!!! She is amazing!!! I go ONLY to her for all my treatments!!! Let me tell you one very important thing…. She will do whatever you need… and not more…. I am her walking billboard, and people ask me every single day how they can have the skin I have!! Go see her!! You will NOT be sorry!

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